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The BMEngineering is a Dutch company, based in Oudheusden village, whose main field of activity is automotive electronics. We specialize in reprogramming control units (ECU), where we have people with almost 25 years experience in this area, but we are also able to provide other services within the same sector. We are equipped with the top-rated software in this area, allowing us to ensure efficient work. For "our" customer to leave satisfied with the work done on your car, we have available for testing a 4x4 bank SuperFlow brand, where we can check the results announced before the start of work. For these and other reasons many visit us and get to know a little more about our company and about our services.

About the company

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Phone: +31 (0) 64261 4813

Vermeerstraat 54

Oudheusden 5156AH, The Netherlands