Immobilizer Removal

The immobilizer is a theft deterrent system located in the instrument cluster, the main car computer, a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder chip in the VW or Audi smart key, and an antenna at the ignition cylinder. If your car has the yellow car/key symbol on the instrument cluster when you turn the key to "ON", it has an immobilizer. This light comes on for a second but quickly goes out when turning the car on and all is normal. If it stays on, you have an issue!

The main symptom of a faulty system or activated immobilizer is that the engine shuts off after a second or the yellow car/key symbol on the dashboard flashes. A very low car battery or car battery removal could also cause the immobilizer to become active.

If you're having problems in your car's immobilizer and want to remove it, we can help you in this task. Thanks to the electronic knowledge of our entire team managed to overcome a problem that today is a headache for many mechanics in various workshops.

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